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Clubbing Outside Common Ratio
Common Ratio
Clubbing Outside
IDM, Dubstep, Experimental
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Nuclear mix of all genres and styles that influenced Common Ratio sound is used here as a refund for all taken moves and ideas. Tracks go one after another drawing the somber urban sketches of gray American life. And then our look rises to the height from the dirty street. Flocculent clouds are flowing in dull sky. Occasional birds appear from every quarter and dive into the muddy stratosphere soup making steep turns. They see the beauty of precise architecture from such an altitude and we are morally with them - this is magnificent!

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Posted by USC on 20 February 2012
Tags: trip, clublife, life, club, usa, america, backstreet, dark corner, pavement, concrete, sea, ocean, downtown, dirt, cops, street, beach, bay, birds, sky, urban, experimental, dubstep, idm